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Services Offered: Baby Modeling, Child Modeling.

Corporate Physical Location: One Commerce Center, 1201 North Orange Street, 7th Floor, Wilmington, DE 19801-1186.

Web address:

Other Sites of Information:

Telephone: (302) 355-9940. We have been advised this number is not for consumers. Due to the high number of submissions, all submissions for new children must be via their website only.


Fame Under Five, a licensed Delaware company, is a national on line marketing and consulting service designed for parents of young children wishing to pursue a possible career in Modeling-Acting or TV-Film or just as a hobby.

Company Staff consists of mainly former Actors, Models, Dancers, Agents, Photographers and Managers. The Staff has over 40 years of Industry Experience and has a quite impressive track record of results. Their accepted clients have appeared in numerous ads, including, but not limited to: Sears, OshKosh-Carter’s,Target, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Huggies, Pampers, Baby Gap, The Gap, Gap Kids, Disney, etc.

This Company maintains corporate offices in Wilmington, DE. Currently employs: 50 + Staff nationwide. The Company is a verified member of Pay Pal. The Company’s contract includes easy client complaint resolution procedures. The Company has agreed to resolve any complaints or concerns with any clients in a timely manner, as set forth in their service contract. The Company has NOT paid a fee to this website for this report. They consider new clients via their website only: http://www.fameunderfive.comAcceptance to this company is by invitation only.

There is currently no other company offering these services for children under the age of (5). Most traditional talent agencies or managers will not deal directly with industry new parents with young children. This Company does not send out auto generated emails to prospective clients.

Popular Question from Newcomers to this Industry: Is production expanding outside of the major cities? Yes, Hollywood is expanding its boarders and productions are happening all over the country. This year alone, major productions have gone on in cities like Shreveport, Louisiana; Wilmington, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Additionally, there is a lot of production going on in Canada.

Most of the managers and agencies this company works with utilize the latest webcam technology in regards to auditioning their clients.

Services Offered: 5 and under modeling, older talent considered, scouting, parent educating, photo updating, work permits, trust accounts.
Services Not Offered: Fame Under Five does NOT require their clients to purchase costly professional portfolios, as they work with regular home snapshots produced by the parents, then posted via their web page.


Open Issues Relating to this Company’s Advertising: >>> None on File.

Government Actions Brought Against this Company:>>> None on File.

This Company’s Licensing Information Up to Date:>>> Yes-On file, Last Verified: 1/7/2013

Physical Address of Business:>>>Verified, 1/21/2013

Company Properly Licensed for its Industry:>>> Yes

U.S. States this Company Services:>>> National Company

Tips from Industry Experts:>>> Industry experts that responded to our inquires about this industry informed us that talent and management agencies do not handle young children directly as it’s to much of a hassle for them. They also informed us that young children do not require professional portfolios like the older kids. Young children change to quickly and portfolios are very costly. Also, when purchasing professional services from any company, always make sure you obtain a written contract, which will clearly outline the services to be performed. Use caution when doing business with any company that doesn’t freely provide a written contract (agreement) for its services. Finally, experts state that no legitimate agency or manager can (or will) make any guarantees of employment to its clients. This industry is an exciting one, but understand there’s no guarantees of success. Just go into it with a positive attitude and have fun with it. If any company attempts to promise employment, chances are it’s not a legitimate opportunity. 

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Alisabeth- Lakeland, FL

This refreshingly legitimate and traditional company was something that my husband and I found online one evening, doing our own research on modeling for children, particularly babies and toddlers. We hadn’t really wanted to get involved in such a highly competitive and expensive industry at all, but have been told by so many people that our kids have great looks, so we thought we would look into what it would cost to find an agent, and see how it went, etc.  I read some reviews on magazine websites how wonderful Fame Under Five had been for them, who otherwise would have spent thousands on travel and agents and portfolios. So we decided to contact Fame Under Five and shortly thereafter were connected with a wonderful talent scout named Kelly at Fame Under Five, who introduced us to the industry and guided us every step of the way. Instead of having to pay our life savings in products to promote the children, we only paid a one time fee (which is good for 5 years by the way-and them being part of PayPal was a HUGE plus), and a website for each child for agencies to look through when they need talent. Working with Kelly has been nothing but a pleasure and we have already had 3 auditions via web-cams, no traveling, no disrupting our family lifestyle until an agency wants to work with our kids!! It’s a dream come true, knowing that we are getting lots of exposure without the headaches or major cost, and trusting that our kids are in the best hands possible. Fame Under Five is a wonderful company to do business with, and I would recommend them to everyone I know with cute or talented kids, they certainly are a diamond in the rough,…so glad we researched and took a chance on them!! :-)
As mentioned above, this experience was wonderful, and we can’t wait to continue being clients of Fame Under Five!!! A Special thank you to Kelly! We would never have done this without her guidance!

Sharon- San Antonio, TX

Getting us in contact with agencies and managers for possible work in TV, catalogs and similar media.
These companies will not work with the youngsters directly, as we learned. Fame Under Five came to the rescue with Taylor!
Have been extremely satisfied with fame under five. I admit,  we were a bit leary at first but, a friend of mine who works in advertising called a few of the agents they work with in Chicago and asked the agents who they like to use and all of them said fame under five was the only reputable service out there that’s been around for years. That was all we needed to hear. fame under five connected us with 3 agencies and 2 managers that have done very well for us. my son booked one major job and has had numerous auditions. we’ve just paid for 2 years of college so we were estatic! we just signed up back in December of last year and have absolutely loved working with taylor! he’s been wonderful and has been there for us 24 7, like the other staff, apparently from what we’ve read. New parents need to know if it wasn’t for the fame under five service, new parents like us would have no chance at this business. We were told that almost no agent or manager will take a “baby” without an industry referral. Before fame under five, we got pictures done ($1800 later-yup-we fell for it!) and sent them out to over 1000 companies. Not one phone call. So, taylor and fame under five gave us the needed connections. We were interviewed through agents and managers referred by fame under five that we, on our own, never heard from. What does that tell us people? They want nothing to do with new parents. It’s true parents sorry. They want nothing to do with dealing with us. That’s why they get their cute kids via industry referral only. I think a lot of parents go into this business, expecting to make a ton of their kid and if they don’t, they get frustrated and suddenly it’s now a terrible industry and to stay away as they say. We’ve had sooooo much fun doing this and must say that we would like to personally thank taylor for all of his great help and assistance. Cynthia has been great too! We have referred 2 other couples to fame under five who have reported being very happy with them also, as well. I checked before I wrote this review. Lol. :) The agencies and managers they’ve put us in contact with have been very aggressive in getting us out there. That’s all we asked for. Thanks to this site for giving us the opportunity to discuss our experience with fame under five and taylor in such a professional forum such as this. We highly respect your website and it’s purpose.
Oh, to add, young kids do NOT need those professional portfolios. Fame under five works with shots we take at home. Anyone who says you do need them is full of baloney.
God Bless,
San Antonio, TX, USA

Lauren- Kissimmee, FL.

I had been looking to get my daughter into modeling and Fame Under Five was the PERFECT choice! Everyone has been so helpful and they KNOW THEIR STUFF! Only a month in and we already have auditions lined up! They help me fill out all the paperwork and iron out all the details needed!  Every little question I have is answered and they respond so quickly! Our talent rep is absolutely AMAZING! He’s our go-to guy for any questions and helps us so much in this overwhelming, yet very exciting process!! I couldn’t be happier with my decision to chose Fame Under Five!
When I found Fame Under Five, I sent them all our information as a new submission.  Within the next five days, we finished up the application process and a talent rep was contacting us.  That very next day we were doing paperwork to be part of the Fame Under Five family! It was such a quick and painless process! Every question or concern is met and the Fame Under Five Staff really goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. After all the paperwork was done, we were contacted by an agent in two weeks! We already have auditions lined up! Thank you Fame Under Five!!

Simone- Orlando, FL.

Fame Under Five is business that helps parents with children under the age of 5 get into the modeling industry. They actively and aggressively markets your child to talent agencies. This agency knows the ins and outs of the industry and they are there to do what a new and unknowing parent doesn’t know to do.

I decided to try and get my daughter into modeling, to see if it were even possible. I really didn’t know what I needed to do or how to go about it so I researched companies and agencies online. Apparently agencies do not deal with “new” uniformed customers with children under the age of 5. After doing all my research I signed up with Fame Under Five to help me with trying to get my 6month old daughter into the kid modeling industry. This company had a great reputation and I decided to give them a shot. I contacted them with the appropriate required information and passed their initial screenings. Then an agent called me and after all of my questions were answered and an explanation of what would happen I decided to give them a try. Taylor is my personal contact and he has been awesome. My daughter even had an agency interested in her before we really got the ball rolling! I really look forward to see where everything is going to go!

Carly- Verona, PA

Fame Under Five! built a website with my child’s information and pictures that is secure and accessible only to legitimate agents/managers.
Lily at fame under five answers emails and texts nearly immediately and is very professional and honest.
People have always told me our kids are beautiful and should be in entertainment and while that’s nice, it’s a compliment.  I had not seriously considered acting upon it until I noticed my daughter’s love of having her picture taken, dressing up and watching herself on our home videos.  Once I decided we’d give it a shot, I started researching reputable agencies.  I figured if it worked, she might make enough for college for her and possibly her brother and if not, well, we could always look back on it an laugh.  When starting my research I found so many “agencies” that it was hard to tell what was for real and what wasn’t…I’m a skeptic and this was my CHILD’S information.  Nonetheless, I stumbled upon a great article about the fame under five folks and was pleasantly surprised about the reviews.  They don’t advertise; they don’t need to I guess. We sent our daughter’s pictures in and we had an email back in 24 hours requesting follow up information.  We sent the requested information and a couple of days later I was talking to Lily! Within a week we had an interview with an agency and have already had her pictures submitted by them for casting calls and 2 auditions set up (one for GLEE!!).  Fame under five is refreshingly honest and responsive.  I struggled with them asking for money to build her website but I reasoned it with the price of the mailing lists and you get the buyer safeguards because they are with Paypal, which was a big plus.  I could’ve easily spent a TON and gotten a list of “reputable” agents/managers and been no further than when I started, as they DON’T work with the little ones and us new clueless parents.  The fee with fame under five includes the secure website where only legitimate agents/managers can view her information and they work with home snapshots, no expensive package required. And the staff at fame under five, Lily in particular, are quick to respond, helpful and very patient.  I’ve already asked some pretty blunt and probably tactless questions, but it doesn’t rattle our Lily!  It’s been a really positive experience thus far and we’re keeping our fingers crossed to see where this journey will take us. We’re so glad Lily is a part of our family now! We highly recommend them.


Laura C.-Clearwater, FL.

Quick review. I have 3 kiddos. Lol. Signed my daughter up last year. She was 8 months old. So far, been very happy. We go on about 3 auditions per month and we really have a blast. The staff is fame under five has been great. I have worked with sandy and taylor, who really have been godsends to our family. It also made made feel VERY SECURE with the fact they’re part of Pay pal. There’s a lot to know about this baby biz, it’s not as easy as some newbie parents may think. We learned very quickly that agencies do not work with the little ones one on one. There’s too much back and forth, and there’s legal requirements, which vary state by state. fame under five assists us with all of this. They’ve been wonderful. I get replies from taylor almost immediately when i have a question or an issue, even in the middle of the night. Lol. not sure when he sleeps. kayla has done 1 major print job and made a great deal of money. this was great for her college fund. fame under five takes no commission whatsoever but, whatever agent or manager gets you the job does take a percentage off the top. they refer you to agencies or managers that allow you to work with other companies. i think it’s called not-exclusive. Never work with an agent or manager that wont let you work with other people. that’s not the norm i found out. if that happens report them to fame under five. they will not work with them anymore. fame under five kinda watches over you and keeps you away from the scummy companies you don’t want your cutie working with. that’s why i love having taylor and sandy! they walk us through the entire process. also thank you to susan at fame under five also. she’s helped a lot too. everyone at fame under five is well appreciated. you guys get an 10 rating from us! love you guys! keep us the great work. fame under five rocks!!!!